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Meditation for Beginners – Secrets for Success (Sneak Peek at Book)

I’ve finished writing the second book in the “Meditation for Beginners” series, called, “Secrets for Success”. It is now with my “editor”, OK, my sister, I can’t afford to pay for a professional editor. But, my sister does a great job, she has already looked at it once, fixed it, then I revised a couple hundred sentences and added an entire section to the book, and now she’s reviewing it again! That’s family for ya!

This book, even more so than, “Meditation for Beginners – A 22 Day Course,” is meant for absolute beginners AND those that have meditated for a long time and just not been successful with getting into the higher states of meditation like jhana. I have considered writing this book for nearly 13 years. Finally I pulled it together and wrote nearly everything I know about meditation in just 176 pages (53,000 words).

Anyway, it should be released in about a week from now.

Here is a sneak peak at the Table of Contents:

Table of Contents

Who is this Book For?
The Problem with Meditation
What is Your Teaching Approach?
Problems in How Meditation is Usually Taught
Putting the Cart Before the Horse
Why “Secrets For Success?”


Chapter 1 – Why Meditate?
What is the Fruit of Meditation? What Can You Expect?

Chapter 2 – The Three Essentials
Focusing on the Breath
Letting Go
Mindfulness of the Present Moment

Chapter 3 – The Breath
Why Does Meditation Practice Involve Focusing on the Breath?
Qualities of the Breath
How to Watch the Breath During Meditation?
Another Issue
What is the Goal?
What Happens Next?

Chapter 4 – Letting Go
Before You Meditate
As You Meditate
Letting Go During the Day
Before You Sleep

Chapter 5 – Mindfulness of the Present
What is Mindfulness?
Concentration in Mindfulness Vs. Concentration in Meditation
Inside The Process
How to Practice Mindfulness?
How Long Can Mindfulness Persist?
Is Mindfulness for Long Periods of Time Easy for Most People?
Eating in Mindfulness
Mental Health Benefits of Mindfulness Practice
Mindfulness Is Always With You
Why is Mindfulness So Important?
How Did You Go About Learning Mindfulness?

Chapter 6 – Possible Mind Experiences
Normal Experiences During Meditation
Experiences to Avoid During Meditation
Experiences Outside of Meditation

Chapter 7 – Jhana
How Did I Find the Jhanas?

Chapter 8 – Jhana 1, 2, 3
How Does Jhana 1 Begin?
What Is Jhana 1 Like?
Jhana 2
Jhana 3

Chapter 9 – Jhana 4 and Abhinna
Jhana 4
Mind Penetrating Knowledge

Chapter 10 – Jhana 5, 6, 7, 8
Jhana 5
Jhana 6
Jhana 7
Jhana 8

Chapter 11 – Forget About It!
The Catch-22

Chapter 12 – The Incidentals
Sitting Posture
Your Eyes?
Where to Meditate?
Listening to Music During Meditation?
Purifying Your Mind Before You’re “Ready”?
Amulets and Other Superstitions
Practice Frequency / Schedule

Chapter 13 – A Simple Practice
Step 1 – Walking Meditation
Step 2 – Sitting
Step 3 – The Breath: Part 1
Step 4 – Observing the Mind
Step 5 – Observing the Body
Step 6 – Observing Pain and Discomfort
Step 7 – Observing Feelings
Step 8 – The Breath: Part 2
Timeline for a Simple Practice (Summary)

Chapter 14 – Experimentation
Opening Your Eyes
Observing Pain
Tickles or Itches

Chapter 15 – Tips and Tricks

Chapter 16 – Frequently Asked Questions About Meditation

Chapter 17 – Now What? Just Do It!