Fatness or Expansion of Body – Video 4

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This is the 4th video in the series of meditation experiences videos. The topic of this video is an experience that some people get after the mind stops thinking thoughts. The experience is what I’ve always called the “Fatness Feeling.” I have had this feeling since I was a small boy. It didn’t happen during meditation, I wasn’t doing any. It happened as I came out of sleep and woke up on my bed. I felt a numbness in my hands usually and it progressed all over my body – or, remained at the hands. It then turned into a growing feeling – my hands and/or whole body got rather numb and then felt like it was growing… expanding outwardly at all points.

A truly strange experience! I was very happy when I received this experience during meditation the first time. I cried later – there was a tremendous relief to find out what it was after all those years of not knowing. None of my friends ever had it. My family did not have it. Nobody I ever talked to – had it. I quickly stopped telling people about it for fear of being different.

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Video 4 – Fatness – Expanding Body Feeling

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Author: Vern

A dozen years ago I created a simple meditation process that sent me through the jhana levels without even knowing what jhana was. The journey is well worth the effort. I hope I can persuade more people to meditate and experience some of the things that happen when the mind stops. It may well be the most profound human experience available to us. Copyright ©2013 All content written by .

35 thoughts on “Fatness or Expansion of Body – Video 4”

  1. Hello, recently I had a nervous/ emotional breakdown. I went to therapy, church, and did meditation (of the heart). So many things has happened to me and this feeling of my body expanding while I sleep is a new one. I have been going through a healing crisis letting go of old emotions, and now this. I don’t understand it at all. Please any advice is welcomed. Thank you.

  2. Hi Nikki,

    I don’t know if there is anything to understand about the experience… it just is. It isn’t going to hurt you, it’s something that your mind is doing. In the context of meditation I can make some sense of it. But, if you’re not meditating, then I can’t really help. Just know that other people have had it happen, and we’re OK!

  3. hello,
    thank you for posting this video, i too have had this from when i was in my early 20s and maybe sooner but not realized it.
    i am 49 and in the last year i have only been able to have some clearer understanding as to what was happening. i have started a deeper look at meditation and was told to read the books by Drunvalo. im glad to see that i am not the only one that has had this feeling of getting big.

  4. Hi Tina, Thanks for writing. I have had very few people contact me about having this feeling. I think it is rare, but there must be more people having it. I wish more people would write and let me know they are experiencing this. Thanks for telling me! Metta! Vern

  5. This just happened to me the expansion of the body the vastness it was amazing I felt huge so much that I freaked out I remember feeling this as a child in my dreams Eckhart tolle meditation made me felt this

  6. Hello

    I have had this expanding sensation since early childhood. It comes and goes without warning. I remember the first time it started happening during a real high fever I had. The feeling is like ‘seeing’ (from the inside) my hands
    As well as tongue growing tremendously. Like there is an invisible stretching going on.
    I am prone to zoning out (I call it natural meditation) and I have found that only some of these times does the expanding feeling occur.
    It can be a frightening experience. I’ve done my best to observe where, when and what I am feeling when it does happen so that I do not lose focus and throw myself into a panic state.
    I’ve spoke about this with only a few people, and each time no one has heard of it or felt the sensation, so I have never gained much more information about it.
    I do believe though that it is linked to gifts. (Spiritual in nature)

    One vision (dream) that occurred during one of my expanding sensations while young was that of picking up what looked to be a tremendously heavy stone, the size of a vehicle, only it was light as a feather, while the other stone which was tiny like a marble and it being extremely difficult if not impossible to lift.

  7. Hell Ursula,

    Wow, thank you for your comment, I enjoyed reading about your experiences. I also think it is related to the readiness of our minds to go into meditation and progress along the path rather easily. I’m guessing, of course. Your dream was very interesting. Was it a dream, or were you awake and could hear / see outside things in the environment? Just curious. Best of life! Vern

  8. Hey Vern,

    Interesting video – can’t say I have experienced the ‘fatness’ feeling yet, but the numb hands, that happens every time I meditate and I pretty much got that from day one. Hasn’t spread much further yet, but I can always tell if i’m ‘deep’ into a session by the fact I literally could not tell you where my hands were if you asked me during sitting. Its maybe got as far as the elbows once or twice, but nothing further yet. I think possibly because i just focus on breathing in general, whereas I should possibly be focusing on a more specific place, so I will try and venture into that next time. Anyway what you’ve mentioned here is good to know!

    Also I just purchased your book and wanted to say I am enjoying it so far. Many thanks


  9. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. I feel the same during my meditation. But lately I am getting additional symptoms as well: expansion in my throat, en then sometimes comes sneezing, then my eyes and noise starts leaking, first one side then the other. Just very exciting. We will keep meditating 🙂 With Love

  10. Definitely something I’ve never experienced! It definitely gets exciting when the nose starts leaking! Best of luck to you!

  11. Hello,

    I had this feeling a lot when I was a child, usually while sleeping when I had a fever. You know the Pink Floyd song, Comfortably Numb? I believe the songwriter wrote about this sensation. “When I was a child I had a fever. My hands felt like two balloons. But now I’ve got that feeling once again. I can’t explain, you would not understand. This is not how I am. I have become comfortably numb.”

    Anyway, I’ve began meditating recently and have been getting that expansion feeling in my hands. They feel as if they swell up impossibly large. I can’t really seem to handle the feeling very long right now, I feel anxious about it. If I focus on the feeling too much, I get nauseus. But at the same time, I feel compelled to allow the feeling. I simulatenously want it and fear it.

  12. Hi,
    I am so glad to have found your video. I have also experienced the fattness in meditation. It first happened when I was a child in the night and once when I had a fever when I was around 10 years old. It happened again about 2 years ago in my meditation, and I noticed I was going through high stress at that time. Whether the stress had influenced this experience, I am not sure? I just had an episode today in my mediation, I felt my consciousness expanded and the room felt larger, much larger. I looked at it as peaceful as I could, smiled and just sat with it. I could feel my ego starting to panic, but I simply allowed the experience to go through me and I slowly opened my eyes and it slowly disappeared over a minute.
    I have never met anybody who has experienced this in meditation, so thank you for your video. I am not afraid of this experience in meditation, but I do notice I tend to get it during the 20 minute mark of meditation and when I am in stress in life.
    I felt like my concentration changed. Surprisingly clearer and sharp, but my ego wasn’t sure about the whole experience. I kept breathing and telling my body that I was safe and now I feel good.
    I will simply see it as an experience and nothing more. Thank you for your video and all the comments shared.

  13. I did some digging after my lady comment and have found this ‘expanding’ feeling happens a lot with astral travel. Not only is it not just a sleep thing, it can happen quite readily during awake hours, mostly when we are in a meditative state (induced or not)

  14. I just had this same feeling in meditation!!! It instantly reminded me of when i was under 10 years old with a high fever! Whats with this fever thing?? Seems like a lot of people mention it. Thats not a coincidence. During the childhood fever it also came with a feeling of disorder amongst material things such as my bed and blankets. Also the room felt huge!

  15. I had a really high fever when I was young – 106F and I remember seeing stars coming at me… ha! My mother thought I was going to pass away when I told her that. She rushed me to the hospital! Maybe not a coincidence. Maybe a high fever cooks the brain just right so later on we can have these amazing experiences? No idea… thanks for sharing though!

  16. I have a feeling where my body seems to be shrinking infiney small whilst my ‘head-space’ seem to expand infinitely large. Where can I learn more about that expanding circle thing you were talking about, because that sounds very similar to what I experience?

  17. If you write me and explain everything – I’ll respond. I don’t know where else you could look. There must be someone talking about it somewhere, but I haven’t seen it anywhere that I recall. 😛

  18. Vern

    Sorry about the late reply.

    Okay so, during the fever, I felt as though I was on train tracks. And I could see a train coming at me. My mom had to calm me because I was certainly ‘seeing’ a train coming towards my direction.

    Now, there are no fevers. I have ‘seen’ complete darkness, and a sense of being able to move (I think it was the mid stages of astral travel)

    I guess the sensations are very vibrated,

    Has anyone had the ‘expanding’ feeling be set off by a sound, or sight?

  19. Hi,
    I also had this kind of experience since i was little, i felt like expanding and became very big and sometimes i felt like shrinking into very small.
    It was weird and i was afraid back then.
    And i have those experiences lately during meditation.
    I’m glad to find somebody that has the same experience.
    My last experience during meditation, i felt like expanding and then shrinking really small, as if i am smaller than an atom, but i was scared to follow.
    I was scared like i was going to disappear, so i stop the meditation.
    When i opened my eyes, the sensation continued for several minutes before it disappeared.
    I’ll be glad if you can give some opinion or explanation on this.

  20. I have just had this same experience of fatness/ hand/ body / head expansion or shrinking sensation/ awareness during meditation. It instantly reminded me of being ill as a child. I’m not sure if it is associated with a fever or something else? I felt like the sensation was incremental becoming more intense, to the point where it started to make me feel sickish and really heavy. I started to feel fear, then had to open my eyes and focus on the room. The sense of remanissnse was so strong. It was kind of pleasant and really real (for want of a better explanation). I wander what is feeling is?

  21. Nice to hear! I don’t know that anyone has a name for it, let’s just call it the ‘fatness feeling.’ It’s really an incredible feeling. Let it go next time. Meaning – fear not… just go with it. It isn’t going to hurt you, and yeah, it feels out of control, but I’ve let it go and there’s no ill-effect. See what happens next time… 😉

  22. Hi Steffeny,

    There are so many odd experiences that can happen during meditation, and even continue after you stop… it’s just amazing to experience them, but don’t get attached to them and keep trying to get the same experience – just let them go after a while…

    I never had the shrinking feeling… but you say you were scared, so you stopped – that’s normal.

    But then next time – let it go and see where it goes. You’re not going to disappear… 😉

  23. I had the expansion dense feeling as a child when I was falling asleep and didn’t like it and then it stopped. I’m now 46 and it happened again for the first time a few months ago and it happens when I meditate. It’s amazing. I never knew what it was as a child and didn’t like it but now I feel comforted by it

  24. I had a feeling of incredibly large hands and small head while meditating just now. I also get small hands/ large head sometimes too.
    I also remember the feeling of having a massive head/ brain small body while trying to sleep as a child !
    To be honest, I find the recent meditation experiences to be unnerving and quite freaky, and I usually stop my meditation. It normally happens about 10 mins in.
    If someone could shed some light on this I’d be very grateful. Comforting to hear others experiencing similar feelings but what is actually happening in the brain/ body connection?

  25. I recently had this experience while meditating and it really freaked me out. I didn’t enjoy it at all… I felt like my who body was slowly swelling up. My hands, my head, my mouth and tongue. Like my whole body was so swollen. I thought I was going crazy so I quickly stopped the meditation and opened my eyes and I still felt that I was swollen for a few minutes even though I could see I wasn’t. I had to distract myself by doing something else so I wouldn’t focus on what I’d just felt. Is this normal?!

  26. in some people – normal… happened to me a number of times, and even while not meditating, but in that weird place between waking up and sleep in the mornings… had this happen over my childhood for years and years…

  27. Things like this happen all the time… I wrote in a journal after my meditation, and there were just all sorts of things like this. You might be able to find the article I did on mirror meditation if you google it, or search this site. Quite bizarre to lose your face and head… Yeah, it’s normal, and there is quite a bit that is odd during meditation.

  28. Waw, I have been searching for years about this…. problem was that I could not name this feeling… but here it is I am reading you and I am finally finding some people to talk about it! It happens to me a lot as a child when I was falling asleep… feeling really like big, like way bigger than the room, and also like squeezed or held, and also feeling like I was in another reality. Very hard to describe with words… a feeling that is a bit scary but also familiar to me. It came back in meditation, during my pregnancy and now more and more during meditation…
    Still can’t understand why, or where is my soul during this feeling, but I really hope one day I’ll get it. If you do find answers, please let me know.

    Thank you all so much! Ophélie from Switzerland

  29. Thank you for your comment! That’s amazing that we both have had this experience as children, and then again during meditation. I wondered for decades what the feeling was. I still don’t know WHAT it is… but the fact that it recurred in meditation and that you and some other people have experienced it is great.

  30. How amazing! I was searching online for answers thinking that this was for sure a totally unique experience, turns out it’s not. I also was unwell as a child with high temperatures this is when I first experienced the feeling of an expanding head and shrinking body… I have never been scared by it, I put it down to being unwell and would also have hallucinations due to the raging temperature. When I felt this expanding/shrinking again a few months ago whilst meditating I had so many questions! And have not found this thread. I was to know more. What does it mean. Thanks guys 🙂

  31. I’ve just meditated for the first time ever and I had this feeling around 10 mins in. I immediately recognised it as the same feeling I had as a child when I was sick or falling asleep. Amazing to read other stories that are the same! Is this some kind of expansion of the mind or expanding our subconscious?

  32. Not sure! Seems to be a brain state that can come naturally, and most of us are amazed by it for years… and then some of us find that it is reproduced during certain experiences of meditation… coolstuff!

  33. Not sure what it means… but it does allow you to be in a different state of mind for a bit. I also had very high temperature as a kid and I wonder if that has anything to do with it starting then. Anybody else experiencing it – and had 106°F or around there – temperatures while sick?

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